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You have the power!

Posted Monday 6th May 2013, 9:00am
You have the power!

The Dog Lovers Show was more evidence that you are ready for the new era of sustainable dog waste management and now Poo Power! calls for you to exercise your citizen muscles:

“What can I do to help?”

This was common question asked over the three days of the exhibition. We have been doing the hard work negotiating with many Councils across Melbourne and those we have talked with love the project but we need to hear from you too. Show your support by contacting your local Council officer and let them know which dog parks in particular need some help and would benefit from a Poo Power! station. This will also demonstrate that you will embrace and use the new infrastructure to ensure its inevitable success in 2013.

We have provided you with a simple letter which you can use if you’re not quite sure what to write, and here’s a contact list of all the Councils in Victoria [link]:

Dear [enter name of your elected representative or Council officer]

As a local resident and dog lover, I enjoy walking my dog/s at [insert park name] however I feel that we can do a better job at all the dog poo that piles up in the bins that ultimately end up in landfill.

I have recently come across the Poo Power! project which uses dog waste to create clean, renewable energy that can be used for park lighting. After [visiting the Dog Lovers Show or other event; or seeing it on Channel 10's The Project] I now know that our parks will be cleaner and safer for all park users as the pathogens in dog waste will be killed off in the process to generate the biogas. This will also help protect the Yarra River and Port Phillip Bay from stormwater pollution that dog poo creates.

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to contact Poo Power! (www.poopower.com.au) as I would fully support the project and the Council in its implementation and ongoing use.

Kind regards [Your name]

Which Council will be first?


(Image: The Story of Stuff Project)

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